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Residential Solutions

About 85% of all homes in the US have what is considered to be hard water. It can cause scaling, damage pipes, wear out clothes, and increase requirements for soaps and detergents. Homes using well water can experience problems from water that tastes and smells bad, to stained bath and kitchen fixtures, to well system breakdowns. When HydroLogix arrives on site to analyze and solve problems, the rewards can be many and varied. Clothes and appliances last longer.  All foods and beverages, from brewed coffee to vegetable soups, taste better. Residents feel cleaner and more refreshed after a shower or bath. Just-washed hair behaves better. Cost of soaps, detergents and household cleaners go down. Among the residential treatment services HydroLogix offers are:

  • water softening systems

  • water pump installation

  • home dialysis systems

  • iron filters and acid neutralizers

  • filters for odor removal

  • reverse osmosis

  • treatment system for lawn sprinkle system


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